Welcome to Information Resources, with thousands of information resources listed and categorised under 6 Main Headings:

Business Reference:

  • Bank, Corporate, Industry & Product Codes
  • e Commerce and Trade & Trade Finance Glossaries
  • International Packaging Standards
  • Various international tax related resources. (For UK tax see Business Solutions)

Country Profiles:

For 232 ISO Countries and Territories, there are 5 Profiles: General, Economic, Trade, Commercial and UK Support. (For the remaining, small, 18 ISO Countries and Territories we provide a Base Profile.)

International Organisations:

  • International Chambers of Commerce.
  • International Political Organisations.
  • International Lobbies.
  • Multinational Financial & Economic Organisations.
  • Regional Trade Agreements & Organisations.
  • Stock Exchange Associations.

National Industry Organisations

More than 495 of the UK's national Industry Associations for 14 industry sectors.

Press & News Centre

Newspapers are (still) important sources of information as well as effective channels to market. Here you can find:

Professional Institutions and Organisations

More than 225 British Professional Institutions and Organisations in 13 industry sectors.

Trade Press

More than 510 British Trade Press Publications in 14 industry sectors.

Trade Reference

  • Black Lists & Embargoes.
  • Country, Location & Currency Codes.
  • Customs & Non-Tariff Barriers.
  • Economic & Financial Data.
  • International Standards Bodies.

TTS eGuides:

Here we list the eGuides that we have written on a variety of B2B eCommerce and International Trade topics. They are free to download; you don't even need to register.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or have any suggestions for addition.