Welcome to Support Services, where you’ll find practical, specialist support, from hundreds of organisations into 5 Main Headings:

  1. Artificial Intelligence - 122 AI services organised into 6 Categories - all designed to help improve your productivity.
  2. Commercial Support Services: - Where you can find a wide range of Support Services provided by Commercial Organisations to UK companies.
  3. Domestic Support Organisations: - Organisations that are there specifically to provide assistance to UK companies for their domestic and international business activities.
  4. Finance: - A comprehensive selection of organisations providing financial advice and support.
  5. Trade Leads & Promotion Agencies: - Resources that exist to help promote and support international trade.
  6. UK Government Support: - The UK and devolved governments provide a range of services to companies to support their domestic and international activities.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or have any suggestions for addition.